Leo and Kit

How long have you been together?

Three years.

Where did you meet?


What is the key to a healthy modern gay relationship?

Kit: Being in a relationship with a nice person. Also I think the closest thing to a key is being able to talk about your expectationsin terms of what you want from the relationship and from each other. Not necessarily those expectations being exactly the same, but being able to talk through how they differ and how to approach bridging that.

Leo: There is no identikit key to relationships and if there is, I don’t have it. Horses for courses. What I have with Kit works for me. I believe that my relationship with Kit has continued because: a) he’s a good and kind person; b) we get pissed off with one another in an instance and we know that’s not indicative of the relationship as a whole; c) we embrace honesty to the extent that if the conversation led to us breaking up, we would do that and be sad and know that we had never deceived one another. I think most relationships end because of deceit or the perception of deceit.