Are you guys comfortable being affectionate in public?

Leo: I can’t speak for Kit, but I believe that we are, generally. There are times when we are in certain areas and my heart beat rises at the thought of public affection. But I suspect I am doing those communities a disservice based on my own prejudices.

Kit: I assume you’re talking about in the context of homophobia. Here it’s not something that really crosses my mind often, so yes. That said, there are always some places that feel more hostile.

If you met on an app are you honest about how you met when asked or do you feel embarrassed?

Leo: Yeah it would be much more embarrassing to lie about it. Although in my head OKCupid!, rather than other apps, seems a very chaste and earnest way of meeting someoneendearingly so.

Kit: I’ve never felt the need to lie about it, and besides it’s so normal nowthough I suppose perhaps which app it is would affect how people react to it quite a lot. I was on OKCupid because at the time it was the only app that would run on my old slow phone.

Have you met each other’s parents and how do they treat you both?

Kit: Yes, we’ve both met each other’s parents. They are greatmine get on really well with Leo, and I think they were secretly relieved when they met him to no longer be imagining me as sad and alone in London (I wasn’t).

Leo: Yeah, we’ve each met one another’s parents. Kit’s the first boyfriend my dad has known and the first time they met he gave Kit a big hug, which was unexpected. I’m grateful to my sister for engineering that situation.

Regarding monogamy: how did you guys decide what works best for you?

Leo: I think we are lucky in both being happy and satisfied with the same desired relationship, which is monogamyand if one wasn’t, I think we’d explore that. In the past, we’ve both offered that opportunity to the other, but we’re very happy as we are.

Kit: I didn’t want a settled relationship when we first started seeing each other, but then over time fell into it. So I worked out what was best for me because it was already workingnothing really needed to change.

Are you comfortable discussing your relationship status with friends?

Kit: Yes.

Leo: Yes. If I wasn’t, I’d get new friends.

Are you married? What are you views on gay marriage?

Leo: I have been a lifelong skeptic towards the idea of marriage and what it really represents. I also am quite often drunk and have proposed to Kit countless times. He always says no. I love that guy.

Kit: I don’t really see myself as a marriage person, so no. The proposals are adorable if annoying.